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Member of the Corporation of master mechanics and piping (CMMTQ)

Quality Certificates:


Installation permits for petroleum equipment

Building Code licenses:


4507  Industrial piping

4062  Heavy industrial plants

4223  Boiler Maker

4227  Welding

4271  Millwright

4285.10  Hot air systems

4285.11  Natural gas burners

4285.12  Oil burners

4285.13  Steam and hot water systems

4285.14  Plumbing systems

4053  Industrial building maintenance

4515  Installation of Petrochemical Equipment


General contractor category (Annex I)

1.2 Small buildings
1.3 Buildings of all kinds

Specialized contractor category (Annex II)

11.1 Industrial or institutional piping under pressure
15.5 Plumbing

Specialized contractor category (Annex Ill)
5.2 Metallic structures
7 Insulation waterproofing for covers and exterior cladding
8 Doors and windows
9 Definition works
11.2 Special equipment and products (Millwrights)

--9 authorized sub-categories.--


Workers health and safety act:

We abide by a very strenuous procedure towards health and safety measures implicated at projects in order to reduce the risk of accidents.



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